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My images (or "art" as I like to call them) were created out of necessity. Like many photographers, I started out trying to create bright sunny snapshots suitable for postcards. And while I do occasionally stumble across those scenes, more often than not the weather gets in my way. Hence, the images, sorry, "art" that you see on these pages. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but it is also the broodmare of artistic creation.

I try to create images that draws the viewer into the scene and generate a feeling of wanting to be there - wherever "there" might happen to be. They are meant to captivate or generate interest in exploring the image. They are not meant to be pretty in the sense that travel photography tries to do. Nor are they crime scene or documentary images.

Oh, and to all you smart asses out there, it's "Bleak Manor Photography", not "Bleak Man or Photography".

David Allwright
Calgary, Alberta

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